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The US Economy is Finally Gaining Momentum

August 15, 2017

The economy sure feels like it is gaining momentum in recent months. Today we’ll look at a slew of economic reports that support such a view. Most notably, consumer confidence and small business optimism have soared since late last year. We’ll also look at several recent Gallup polls which show significant improvement in other economic indicators.

To round-out today’s letter, I will follow-up my discussion last week on the Fed with some additional information on what to expect just ahead from Janet Yellen & Company. There should be some interesting clues tomorrow when we get the minutes from the July 26 policy meeting.  

I’ll end today with one of the most interesting stories I read in the last week, which was about Senator John McCain’s deciding vote to kill the GOP healthcare reform bill – at the expense of the Defense Department. All Americans should know about this.

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